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As the CEO of Moore of Rachel, Inc. through visioning workshops, small group studies, home gatherings, and empowerment calls, she inspires not only women but also students of every age to achieve whatever they dream to be, do, or have. She seeks to inform, inspire, influence, and ignite others to appropriate action toward creating an incredibly fulfilled life of passion, purpose, abundance, freedom, and success.

Since 2009, Rachel has taught family visioning, individual dream-building, and team-building techniques within seminars and workshops in the USA and abroad, sharing examples of her own success and utilizing her US Patented portable vision board product called Tote-A-Vision to help attendees learn how to turn desires into dreams come true. Individuals, families, entrepreneurs, educators, students, and organizations have benefited from her proven success tools and techniques.

Rachel is a contributing author to the bestselling book series, Chicken Soup for the SoulSay Goodbye to Stress book. As a member of The Professional Woman Network, she is a contributing author for their Getting Well: Mind, Body, & Spirit book. She is the author of Manager Mom – Mind Your Vision, and Rivers of Praise Worship through Movement, a comprehensive guide to worship. Some of her audio training programs are “Manifest More of My Dreams” and “CALM”—helping women to slow down the pace, relax, and care for themselves.

Meet Rachel

Rachel Moore is a daytime engineer and a nighttime entrepreneur.  Rachel discovered purpose in helping others effectuate their dreams during her pursuit to create a fulfilled life for her family.  Through her broad spectrum of experiences, as a wife, mom, engineer, inventor, author, and as a life empowerment coach, she provides products, training programs, and coaching to help bring clarity to your life vision.

In 2017, Rachel became a #1 international Bestselling Author with her Manager Mom: Mind Your Vision book which serves as an empowerment tool to women, teaching them how to live out their dreams while raising their children, or how to pursue their passions at any stage of life.

Those same mind-freeing techniques initially written to moms have been expanded into a more comprehensive solution to manifest more in your life.   In this body of work, Rachel seeks to inspire and encourage anyone who has a desire, who has a vision, dream, or goal that has not yet been realized.   In each story and example shared, you will be reminded that each day presents a new opportunity to believe for the possibilities as she tells how to create the life that you desire, even in the midst of undesirable circumstances. Her favorite motto is “Faith works when you work it.”

Fitness Inspiration

Rachel lives a low-carb lifestyle.  She recently competed in the Ms. Health & Fitness Competition where she finished as a Semi-Finalist. In 2018, she won first place the Bikini Masters in an INBF Southern Natural Body-Building Competition.  Rachel shares recipes and fitness tips in her Low-Carb recipe books.  She also offers programs to assist others with their fitness goals.

Moore of Rachel Creations

Making Mom Life More Enjoyable: Mr. Zippy Baby Bib – Visit

mr zippy bib the bib with legs and character moore of rachel creations

This clever full-body bib protects against falling food from head to toe. I

Unique Features:
70 % Polyester, 30% Cotton with Polyurethane protective covering
Fits ages 6 to 36 months
Measures 12” W x 25” H
Waterproof Polyurethane coated 70% polyester / 30% cotton
Machine wash; Tumble Dry
Made in the USA

Here are a few other Inspirational Items fit for your Body, Mind, and Soul.

Manager Mom

An Inside Out Tranformation

In this short read, Rachel Moore shares success secrets for a mom who feels lost and buried under all of the hats they wear. You are a wife, a mom, and a business owner. All of them are screaming for all of your time and attention. Sometimes it feels like more than you can bear. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a solution to end the chaos? Well, there IS!!! Learn the skills and techniques in this book to transform your life of overwhelm and chaos to a life of joy. Rachel shares with you easy to follow, step-by-step help to identify and mind your vision for your life and then make it come to pass. Now is your time to remove the stress from your life and become the Manager Mom you were born to be!

Manifest More

Audio Training

“Manifest More of My Dreams” – a training program that teaches the methods or methodology behind the manifestations.  Learn how to recognize the signs and how to follow divine guidance.

Low-Carb Recipes

Rachel’s Volume 1 Recipes

Top 10 Recipes for Low-Carb Living
This first selection of recipes has been tested and tasted by Rachel and family. They are guaranteed to please your taste buds and tummy!

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