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“Mind Your Vision: 2020 and Beyond” is a book for anyone who has a desire, vision, dream, or goal that has not yet been realized. This book will assist you in bringing clarity, focus, and faith to multiple areas of your life. By creating a vision for your life, putting it on paper, and learning techniques to improve your thinking, you will learn how to transform your goals and dreams into reality.

In the heart and mind is where the conception of a dream begins.  From conception, that dream must be nurtured by a positive mental and emotional environment.  It requires focus, determination, and perseverance.  Excuses and doubt can completely abort our dreams.   But when you believe, anything can happen!  Author, Rachel Moore shows you how to get results.

Once you give yourself permission and make a decision, then things will start happening for you.   I want you to start living your dreams, fulfilling your desires, and moving forward into your greatness.  Ask yourself, what is it that I want?  Once you know what you want, you can begin making progress.  In life, you either have excuses or results, but you can’t have both.  It has been said that 99% of failure comes from people making excuses.  Choose now, to put excuses behind you.  It’s your first step towards achieving extraordinary results in your life. This book will help you develop or improve your language of faith. You will learn how to mold your thoughts just as a potter molds clay into what he or she envisions.  Our thoughts influence us to either believe or to doubt.  Our thoughts can bring hope or cripple us with fear.  As we think, so are we.

What do you envision for your life?  Is your life in focus?  We have entered into the year 2020.  It’s your year to gain clarity and focus.  The word acuity means sharpness or keenness of thought, vision, or hearing. This book will help you sharpen your thoughts and improve your minds-eye vision. 


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Testimonials About Rachel’s Teachings – It’s in the Book…

A Complete System

As an entrepreneur, I face daily challenges in growing my business; the biggest challenge all entrepreneurs face is doubt, fear, and discouragement. The Tote-a-Vision that I carry with me daily provides me with a physical reminder of the most significant WHYs in my life. The Tote-a-Vision combined with Rachel’s Mind Your Vision teachings helps me stay focused on achieving my life vision; it’s a complete system that anyone with a dream needs to succeed ~ Diane

Dream Saver – Game Changer

This book deserves all the stars in the universe! Though I’m not married and do not have children, this book help prioritizes my life and goals. Time management wasn’t one of my strengths, but this book helped me to juggle many day-to-day tasks. Also, the book helped me to focus on my vision/goals and how to positively bring them into fruition! Dream saver and game changer! ~Sade

Family Dreams & Goals

Rachel’s teachings absolutely exceeded my expectations. What I gained most from her seminar was learning about the necessary tools to encourage and cultivate my dreams as well as my children’s dreams and goals. I am so excited about getting started with my vision board. – Christine

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Are you tired of not achieving your goals? Do you feel lost or are you struggling with how to get to the next step in your life?

I was too and it took years of trial and error to finally figure things out, and in “Mind Your Vision 2020 & Beyond,” I’m sharing all my success secrets.

I wrote the book “Mind Your Vision 2020 & Beyond” as a blueprint to accomplishing your dreams.  You’ll learn how to create a vision your life, create an action plan and see that plan through, in the face of problems and uncertainty. 

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