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MOM: Manager of Much

MOM: Manager of Much


Happy Mother’s Day Manager Moms!

As Moms, we are Managers of Much! I pray that you are celebrated today for all that you do and have done as a manager mom.

May your day be wonderful, super over-the-top fantastic, extra special, mega blessed, and filled with lots of love!!!

Inspired to Inspire You,

Rachel Moore

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1st Quarter News






1st Quarter News!

Inside Out Empowerment

This year it only happens once a quarter, so seize the opportunity.  Get on and be empowered!

Secrets to Up-level Your Success.”

Success is a relevant term that is based upon the aim or purpose set out to be accomplished by a person. In our society, we often equate success to prosperity, but that is only one form of success. Every goal achieved is a form of success.

During this teaching I address the limiting beliefs about success and provide steps on how to transform your results in any area of your life.  Join the live broadcast on Tuesday, March 28th, at 9 pm EST.  Call (478) 250-9799

Resource of the Month


Give the gift of organization and achievement to someone you love.  The Tote-a-Vision is a great gift for everyone in the family.

The Tote-a-Vision™ is precisely that…  It’s your portable vision board that gives you the ability to carry your goals in visual form where ever you go. Up to three vision boards can fit comfortably within the body pocket at one time.

The Tote-a-vision™ is a clear transparent vinyl sleeve with a large pocket opening on the top edge to insert your vision boards. It includes a customized white poster board, journal and How-to Diagram.Refer to the “how-to” section for instructions on how to create a portable vision board as well as ideas on the different themes to consider for your vision boards.

Click here to get your Tote-a-Vision™!

Inspiration Station

It may seem like a simple topic, but do you really understand what affects it or what supports it? How does faith really work and what to do to make it work for you?  Do you know how does faith really work and what to do to make it work for you?  Listen in to hear some of the simple truths about faith that can propel you to the next level or to any degree you desire to go in life. It’s a GOOD one so, don’t miss it!

Listen to “Exercise Your Faith” Episodes of Part 1 and Part 2 on the Podcast or on

PODCAST are available for free on iTunes or from any Podcast App. Search for “Inside Out Empowerment with Rachel Moore”


Click to Listen »

Our 2017 Connection

Quarterly Inside Out Empowerment Calls





Quarterly 2017 Inside Out Empowerment Call Schedule:

1st Quarter – Tuesday, March 28th – 9pm EST
2nd Quarter – Tuesday, June 27th – 9pm EST
3rd Quarter – Tuesday, September 26th – 9pm EST
4th Quarter – Tuesday, December 19th – 9pm EST

Join the Live Calls on Broadcast Line – (478) 250-9799

This year, my plan is to connect with you at least once a month via newsletter, my blog and/or on The monthly newsletters will be to provide a brief update on the happenings in my life and business, and to provide you with recommended resources.  Important tips and teachings will be listed within the Inspiration Station section of the newsletters to assist you in reaching your life matrix goals this year.
Inspired to Inspire You,
Rachel Moore

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Oreo, Our Social Pup

This post is in memory of our precious pup, Oreo who died a year ago today.

I wrote this story about our dog Oreo with the intent of it being published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul books about Cats and Dogs. However, since it was not selected for publication, I’ve decided to publish it on my blogs and social media sites.


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Oh my goodness! She’s out again! These are the words that I often expressed when one of my sons would tell me that Oreo, our pint sized black and white terrier, had run out of the house. Oreo was a house dog, but she would often make an escape out of the house whenever she could find an opening door. Our hearts would cringe during those times of escape as we frantically tried to catch her and get her safely back inside. Any of the neighbors in Northlake Woods who tried to help us catch Oreo knew just how fast she could run. Honestly, we experienced some of the most comical moments while trying to catch Oreo to put her on a leash. Jeremy, our sprint running son was even challenged during Oreo’s playful plights to freedom. One Saturday afternoon Jeremy had been chasing her up and down the street for about thirty minutes. Whenever Jeremy would stop to take a breath, Oreo would stop running, turn around, smile, bark, and run right past him, as if to say “Catch me if you can.” We would try to bribe her with peanut butter cookies to get her back into the house.

Sometimes she would run out at the most inconvenient time, like when we were about to drive off for our family vacation. We had made arrangements with our neighbor Debra to check on Oreo daily during our absence. One of the boys gave her a walk, then set her loose in the garage loaded with food, water, toys, and her sleeping crate. Just before we pulled off, the garage button was accidentally pushed and there she went. It was like she knew that we were leaving for a few days and wanted to give us a goodbye present. The departure for our family road trip was delayed for well over an hour, chasing Oreo up and down the street. Our neighbor from across the street, C and his daughter Kaley had been watching the wild pup chase from afar. They decided to come out to help us “trick” Oreo; but her agility and craftiness outwitted us all. Thankfully, our neighbor Debra decided to walk her dogs. Oreo was excited to see her buddies Penny, Elroy, and Cooper. It was the perfect distraction because she wanted to socialize with her friends. We got her on a leash, exhaled, and then left for our trip. We knew that she was in good hands as we drove off into the sunset.


Oreo, our very cheerful, playful pup, loved to run and she enjoyed making friends. She was a free spirit and it was hard to contain her. Oreo literally made herself the neighborhood dog, making friends practically everywhere she went; except for those long nights when she was out barking. One night, Oreo decided that she would have an all night outing. She would run across the front yard in full speed, then back and forth up the street, while the whole time barking to let everyone know that she was out. Every time we opened the front door to let her in, she would stop, look at us, and then take off running again. It just didn’t make any sense. I’d never seen anything like it. Our happy playful pup was being a very bad pup. This eventful saga went on well into the wee hours of the morning. My husband and I were exhausted from getting up throughout the night trying to get her to come inside. Our efforts failed until around 5 am in the morning when I hid myself behind the door so that Oreo could not see me. Then she pranced her wagging tail right inside, ran straight to her crate, and slept for hours. We apologized to all of our neighbors for those nights or early mornings that Oreo may have kept them awake.

My fondest moments of Oreo were the times when she and I went for our fitness runs in the neighborhood. Whenever she saw me in my workout clothes and tennis shoes, it was like she was human and understood that I was about to go jogging. She would start frantically jumping up and down on me, run in circles and start barking as if to say, “Yea, I want to go, I want to go running, please can I go.” Our runs would always start off with me trying to keep up as she plowed ahead. She would literally be pulling me along until I tugged on her leash to slow her down. During our jogs, she would stop to sniff the grass, bark at the other pups as we passed their homes, and of course stop to do her business in spots where she felt most comfortable. On average our jogs would last for about an hour. I enjoyed taking in the fresh air and scenery as she indulged in her joy of running. Unfortunately, me and Oreo had our last fitness run together this spring in late May 2015.

Oreo ran out of the house and was hit by a car while out roaming the street just outside of our neighborhood. The Wells Family witnessed the accident and immediately contacted us. Hoping that she would be okay, we rushed her to the Woodland Animal Hospital located about an hour away in Locust Grove, GA. The Veterinarian told us that her injuries were too severe. Oreo suffered a spinal injury causing loss of movement in her hind legs. Her quality of life would not be the same because running was her passion. She also had an anal laceration and experienced some head trauma. Oreo was responsive and looking at us the entire time during our last moments with her. Our hearts were broken and saddened to say goodbye. About a week later, I decided to write a note via email to the neighbors to share our sad news. The email replies that started to come in were heart warming. It was at that moment that I realized how much of a social pup Oreo really was. She had become a friend to many. Our neighbors began to share their fond memories of Oreo making her visits to their homes. Rhonda and Burt shared how Oreo always brightened their day whenever she stood at their front window wagging her tail until they came out to greet her. Hotdogs were her favorite treat at their house.

A big thank you goes out to each person who brought Oreo home to us after one of her neighborhood outings. An enormous THANK YOU, to Ms. Debra Rollins, whose home became Oreo’s home away from home. She loved to play with her buddies, Penny, Elroy, and Cooper at Ms. Debra’s house. It was so neat to see them play together. Oreo was given to my youngest son Joshua as a gift for his seventh birthday in February 2012. He misses her dearly. We all miss you Oreo now that you’ve crossed over the rainbow bridge.


#oreooursocialpup, #oreo

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Inside Out Empowerment

Just in case you haven’t heard, the “Inside Out Empowerment Calls” have expanded into several different forms of communication. The “Inside Out Living Show” was launched in January of this year. The actual Live Calls or Live Shows occurs only once a month. However, if you miss the live calls or shows, you can now listen to them on the Inside Out Radio Show at, where they are broadcasted on a weekly basis. New shows will air each Sunday. Here is the link to the show that aired last Sunday.

Inside Out Radio broadcast two different Inside Out sources. Rachel Moore host an empowerment call once a month where she teaches on topics that inspire the listeners to turn their hopes and dreams from the inside out as the become more, do more, and to have more of an abundant life. To listen in on the live broadcast, dial 478-250-9799 at 9pm EST on the 4th Tuesday nights of each month. Rachel also host the Inside Out Living Show on Blab, where she interviews a special guest monthly on the show. The show airs online on the 3rd Thursdays at 8pm EST. To access the link to the show, visit

Inside Out Living Show Logo with Background

Inside out is here to empower you from the inside, to empower your mind, to strengthen your will, so that you are transformed from the inside out, so that you can live out the life of your dreams!

Coming Soon! iTunes Podcast – Then you can Subscribe to our Inside Out Podcast feed.

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Virtual Vision Board Party Video

Just in case you missed it, here is a video of our Virtual Vision Board Party that we had last Friday night.


While you are watching the video, Subscribe to our Channel.

During the party, I guided the viewers through a process of writing down their goals in different areas of their life. Then everyone began looking through magazines or online to find images that reflect their goals.

While everyone were exploring, while guest speakers in the areas of Health & Fitness, Finances, Business Leadership, and Mental Focus & Wellness, Personal Development, and more gave tips on how to reach your goals in their area of expertise.

Our Speaker Line up was:
7pm – the Attractive Thinker Dr. Toni Hatton
7:30pm – Fitness & Health Coach – Angela K
8pm – Business Leadership – Luis Castro
8:30pm – Financial Coach – Credit with Chris – Chris Bridges

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to create your vision board for this year. Materials you will need:

• Tote-a-Vision or white poster board
• Journal or Notebook
• Magazines (Tip: collect for free from doctors offices, hair salons, etc. Just ask for them, they are happy to recycle magazines through you)
• Scissors
• Glue Stick

The Tote-a-Vision is a portable vision board with journal. The Tote-a-Vision provides protection and portability to your vision board. It’s a great goal setting and visioning tool. I have used it for over many years now and get amazing results!

Watch the video and I walk you through key steps to setting your goals prior to creating your vision board.

Visit to view testimonials and to view the Vision Board Gallery.

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Small Businesses Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday Sale

Small Businesses represent the American Dream. The visionaries behind the small businesses have taken a leap of faith to bring the vision of their dream business into reality. When you support a small business you sow into your own dreams and you prove once again that the American Dream is possible for anyone who dares to dream.

We appreciate you showing some love by shopping with us & sharing this post. Our  #ShopSmall continues with Small Business owners online today, Cyber Monday. To view our products visit

The American Dream

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Shop Small Today

Facebook Ad Image_Small Business SaturdaySmall Business Saturday, created to support holiday sales for small businesses, is today, November 28. Show your love and ‪#‎shopsmall‬ online today with my business, Moore of Rachel, Inc (featuring Mr. Zippy Baby Bibs & Tote-a-Vision – Portable Dream Boards) and several other partnering businesses.

We’re offering unique gifts, products, and services including gourmet coffee and tea, wearable technology, beauty and bath items, custom full body baby bibs, inspirational t-shirts, books, sophisticated hosiery, goal setting & success tools, weight management and natural health products, art pieces, photography, multi-media services, and more. To view our products

visit  – Click on each ad to shop for the items it offers.

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Shop Small Saturday 15Nov28

Small Business Saturday, created to support holiday sales for small, local businesses, is tomorrow, November 28. Moore of Rachel, Inc and several others are partnering in an online sales event for Small Business Saturday.

We’re offering unique gifts, products, and services including gourmet coffee and tea, wearable technology, beauty and bath items, custom full body baby bibs, inspirational t-shirts, books, sophisticated hosiery, goal setting & success tools, weight management and natural health products, art pieces, photography, multi-media services, and more. To view our products visit then click on each ad to shop for the items it offers.

Last year, 88 million people shopped on Small Business Saturday, spending $14.3 billion! Show your love and support for small businesses by shopping with us and sharing this post with family and friends.

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Small Business Saturday News Release

    Small Business Saturday is the day to Shop Small to support and show your love for small businesses. This Saturday, November 28th, is Small Business Saturday. Read about it in the News Press Release.

    Click link below to view full news release.

    Small Business Saturday Press Release News

    Press Release News_Pg1_Small Business Saturday

    Press Release News_Pg2_Small Business Saturday

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