The Secret to Goal Setting & Arriving at Your Desired Destination

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Set Yourself up to Win

I want to encourage you today.  Whatever is in your heart to achieve this year, it is possible.  You can set yourself up to win and make this an extravagant year. Here are a few points that I gathered that might benefit you.

1. Realize that you’re ready 

You might not have everything you need to complete the journey, but you have enough to start RIGHT NOW! Don’t worry about the details – the journey will change you and you’ll find all the tools you need to reach your goals along the way. Just take some action, no matter how small, RIGHT NOW!

2. Press through fear

Do you get anxious/scared when you go to take a shower? Hopefully not. What about before going to speak in front a crowded room of people or before trying something that you have never done before? Whenever fear raises it head, just remember that it is False Evidence Appearing Real.  If you press through the FEAR, you will discover that you can do it and that you are okay.  So instead of avoiding it at all costs, press through it. View it as a guidepost that says what you’re about to do is important and meaningful to you, and then just do it.

3. Consume less and create more

Consume less non-productive activity in your life to create space for those things that align with your goals.  The less time you spend consuming non-productive activity, the more time you have for creating the life you want.  Creating is the only way to move forward.

Create movement. Create time (by not wasting it). Create relationships. 

Create the life you want

4. Eliminate the clutter from your life

Have you ever cleaned & organized your place after putting it off forever? For approximately 6-7 seconds after you’re done, the universe opens up and drops this ‘knowledge bomb’ right into your head: “This feels awesome! Why didn’t I do it sooner?”

This could be stuff that has been piling up forever, but it could also be negative people who just drag down at every turn.

Getting rid of stuff that only takes up space and adds no value makes room for things that do.

5. Be inspired daily

Read a book.
Have a great conversation.
Listen to a podcast.
Watch a great motivational movie clip.
Read some awesome quotes.

Do ANYTHING you can to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT! Everything becomes easier to do with a positive mindset.

6. Make it fun

Enough said! If you don’t like doing it (or make it at least enjoyable on some level), or you won’t stick with it.

7. Don’t be ‘rocket ship-esque’

The problem that often befalls people is not their actual goal, but the time frame that they set to achieve it. Losing 20lbs of fat? Yeah – super possible! Losing 20lbs of fat in 30 days? Well….

The more unrealistic the time frame, the more ridiculous things you’re going have to do to even have a chance of getting there. Even then, the chances of falling short of your goals are pretty high.

A realistic time frame gives you more breathing room to find out what works and to play around the variables related to your goal, while still giving putting enough fire under your cheeks so that you don’t stretch it out into infinity.

The key is you want to set yourself up to WIN!  Instead, choose 2 lbs in 2 weeks.  If you beat your goal in a week or even in a few days, then great for you!  Move your target and keep going until you reach your ultimate number or goal.

Don’t burn out via a ‘rocket ship-esque’ effort – an all out guts & glory approach with little to show for it when all is said & done. You’re in this for the long haul.

8. Put “failure” in its proper place 

No one fails by doing nothing; failure requires risk and action. Failure means you found a way that didn’t work….which is AWESOME!

And guess what? You didn’t die; the world didn’t come crashing down around you.

You’ve lived to fight another day, gained valuable experience and are now one step closer to finding something that does work to attain your desired results.

9. Do something different

If you’ve been tackling a goal for some time with a lack of results, change it!

Expecting a different outcome by doing the same thing you’ve always done is like expecting a punch in the face from a professional boxer not to hurt: no matter how much you want it to be true, it’s just not.

10. NEVER give up!

If WINNING is the only option, how can YOU lose?

Inspired to Inspire you to an Extravagant Winning Year,

Rachel Moore
Inspirational Life-Vision Coach
Creator of Tote-a-Vision – 2-in-1 Portable Dream Board
(article resource – Adrian’s Blog)

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12 Ways to Excel in 2012

The word of the year is “Excel.”  You can excel at anything that you set your heart to doing.  This year belongs to those who believe in their dreams, and not only plan, but are willing to take action in turing their dreams into reality.  Here are a 12 ways to Excel in 2012.

  1. Close out Commitments you made to others last year to start the year with a clean mental slate. If you are a person of your word, unfinished commitments can weigh you down mentally. You want to eliminate anything that could possibly hinder your progress this year. If the commitment is huge or overwhelming, make it one of your goals to complete it this year. Set a deadline with a specific date to get it done!
  2. Set Clear Goals in all areas that are important to you. Write Down Your Goals in long hand so that you can refer to them throughout the year. This creates a plan.

Major Life Categories:
Personal Growth (spiritual, emotional, mental, educational)
Relationships (spouse, children, family, friends, etc.)
Health and Wellness
Work / Career / Business/ Financial / Academic
Home / Lifestyle
Missions & Ministry
Special projects or areas of interest
FUN, Rest and Relaxation

3.  Create a Visual Representation of Your major Goals with pictures or images of words. As the adage goes “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Through the use of still images, visualization you can literally summarize your goals written in long hand. This visual representation is referred to as a vision board, dream, board, life map, focus board, etc. The Tote-a-Vision is a 2-in-1 goal setting tool with vision board and dream book journal. Best of all, it is portable. It allows you to carry your dream board and written goals everywhere you go. Click here for the “Excel 2012” special offer.

4.  Do things in the spirit of Excellence in whatever you do this year. Surpass what ever you have done in the pass, unless it was your absolute best. Here’s a quote from a friend of mine to keep in mind. “Good, Better, Best. Never let it Rest, Until Your Good is Better, and Your Better Best!” – Lorraine B. Watkins

5.  Keep a Positive Mental Attitude no matter what. Declare victory in the midst of adversity whenever it arise. Learn to master having positive self-talk.
6.  Establish order and direction for each day with thanksgiving and prayer
7.  Write a Weekly or Daily To-Do list to help you focus and work on your goals at a manageable level
8.  Be Pro-Active. Take massive action towards achieving your goals and dreams
9.  Look for ways to add Significance in whatever you are doing.
10.  Stay open to new opportunities that may help you excel in or towards your goals.
11.  Be careful not to over commit yourself. If it doesn’t align with your chief aim in your life goals, then don’t commit. You don’t want to dilute your efforts towards those things that matter most to you.
12.  Stick with your plan. If you are not making progress, then consider changing your action steps or revise your plan. If something occurs that distracts you and gets you off track, then Refocus. Refer to your written goals and your vision / dream board to inspire you to keep moving forward. Tell yourself that you can do it.

***Take in a deep breath, exhale, set your goals, put on faith, put on courage, take appropriate action, and get ready to excel in 2012!


We Want to Know…We Want to Help!

One of my personal goals is to excel at adding significance to the lives of others. I want to help you excel this year.  I have created a survey.  Click Here  to fill out the survey.  Tell me what you want to know.  It will take you only a minute or two to complete.  Thanks.


Inspired to Inspire You to Excel in 2012,


Rachel L. Moore (Life-Vision Coach)


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Goal Setting 101

When you set goals, you determine what is important to you.  Goal setting also allows you to make future plans, overcome new challenges, and recognize achievements. It builds self confidence and motivates you to take responsibility of your future and destiny.

There are five types of goals:

1. Realistic
2. Specific
3. Challenging
4. Short Term
5. Long Term

Realistic goals are based on your current capabilities

Specific goals are detailed action steps necessary to get you what you want

Challenging goals require self-discipline and focus.  They will be goals that cause you to stretch beyond your current skill level, knowledge, and resources.  These type goals are achievable regardless of the level of complexity.

Short Term goals are ones you expect to accomplish within a day, a week, a month, or a year.

Long Term goals are those you expect to accomplish with one to five years.

There are several categories for goal setting:

1. Business or Career
2. Educational
3. Financial
4. Health and Wellness
5. Lifestyle (Artistic goals and the pleasures of life that you wish to obtain or experience)
6. Personal Development (emotional, mental, spiritual growth)
7. Public Service or Philanthropy

Business or Career goals are those that relate to an interest that you desire to grow in or to contribute for financial gain.
Educational goals allow you to choose how far you desire to go in your level of education.  Career goals will often determine the level of degrees or required education.
Financial goals allow you to determine how much money you would like to earn after completing your education.
Health and Wellness goals relates to your physical body.  They allow you to achieve your athletic and physical health goals.
Lifestyle goals include artistic goals and the pleasures of life that you wish to obtain or experience. What are your hobbies? What new art would you like to learn, such as dance, instrument, music, or painting?

Personal Development goals are your emotional, mental, spiritual growth goals.   What type books are you reading?  Are your feeling emotionally healthy?  Are you able to focus your thoughts from a positive perspective?
Public Service or Philanthropy goals allow you to achieve your goals in making the world a better place.  Who do you desire to help?  How do you desire to help?

As you reflect on the various goal categories, the need for prioritization will become apparent.  Prioritizing reveals what is important to you.  It is a powerful personal planning process.  Prioritizing helps you choose which areas in your life you prefer to focus on first.

Since we live in a world of distractions, so be prepared to work around them. Keep your written or visual goals before you to keep you on track.  Discover how to turn your written goals into actual visual goals with Tote-a-Vision.   Images make an impression within our minds.  Those images help us to focus our thoughts and attention towards our goals.

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The Secret to Goal Setting & Arriving at Your Desired Destination

The process of reaching our goals is more like taking a road trip and you are the traveler. Before going to someplace elsewhere, the wanderlust should be equipped with the tools to get to where he is going. Along the way he might encounter some detours, stop-overs, and wrong-ways. There are travelers who will never get to their destination because they found another option as they travel along, and some will reach their final destination simply because they are determined to get there.

In life, there are things we want to see realized. It can be a trip to the other side of the globe, or a simple picnic with our family on the coming weekend. In order to obtain these things, we need the right tools and the right mindset to fulfill our objective. We need motivation (What motivates you? What are your priorities?), clarity (How do you plan to be on track and stay-focused), and determination (What appropriate actions to take in order to move you closer to your desired destination?). All these will assist us along the way when we have a vision. Having the right tools and the right mindset will work hand in hand in order to carry us down to the road of fulfillment.

Sometimes, even if vision and the right tools are with us, there are stop-overs that will compel us to reassess our trip. Asking ourselves some questions whether to continue or to make a different direction is essential during the reassessment, which may lead to a much better direction, or maybe a different road but same destination. During the course of our travel, we need to follow our intuition and keep in mind that times are changing. The map we had when we left may become outdated once we are halfway to our destination.

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