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Shop Small Saturday 15Nov28

Small Business Saturday, created to support holiday sales for small, local businesses, is tomorrow, November 28. Moore of Rachel, Inc and several others are partnering in an online sales event for Small Business Saturday.

We’re offering unique gifts, products, and services including gourmet coffee and tea, wearable technology, beauty and bath items, custom full body baby bibs, inspirational t-shirts, books, sophisticated hosiery, goal setting & success tools, weight management and natural health products, art pieces, photography, multi-media services, and more. To view our products visit then click on each ad to shop for the items it offers.

Last year, 88 million people shopped on Small Business Saturday, spending $14.3 billion! Show your love and support for small businesses by shopping with us and sharing this post with family and friends.

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Small Business Saturday News Release

    Small Business Saturday is the day to Shop Small to support and show your love for small businesses. This Saturday, November 28th, is Small Business Saturday. Read about it in the News Press Release.

    Click link below to view full news release.

    Small Business Saturday Press Release News

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Habits – How Do They Form

Habits – How Do They Form and how to stop the ones that are hurting you.

Life Vision Coach, Rachel Moore teaches about Habits and the natural law that makes them permanent. We can have both good and bad habits. There are ways to break the bad ones. Rachel shares how to interrupt the habit pattern.

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Overcome Adversity


How Can We Learn from Adversity?


Unfavorable; Acting against!

Actively opposing one’s interest or wishes!

Contrary to one’s welfare!

Working in an opposing direction!

Opposing one’s interest or desire

IN RELATIVE TERMS Adversity is….




Set Backs!

Unexpected Undesirable Events



Physical Challenges or Limitations!

Loss of a Loved One (to Death or Divorce)!

Unpleasant Experiences

From Severe to Minor


POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE is the overcoming factor for each form of adversity

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The Launch



The Launch of a New Season 9/6/15.  The Company, Moore of Rachel, Inc, with Rachel Moore a Speaker, Teacher and Trainer.  The Launch of Business and Ministry Intertwined.

I’m excited about today and this new season in my life! Later this evening I plan to post a video of me share my personal testimony about how this all came about. It will also include a short teaching that may benefit your life. So stay tuned!

The Launch 9:6:15

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Define Your Purpose

PurposeDefiniteness of Purpose – Lesson 1

At birth we were all given a mind to think. What we think about and act upon will determine our outcome. One of the keys to achieving many of your goals, vision, and dreams, and to living a fulfilled life is to live life on purpose for purpose. As you set goals to attain things and goals to experience life on different levels, make sure you incorporate goals to utilize your gifts and talents to serve others in some purposeful way.

Many people struggle with defining purpose, but purpose is discovered along the way as you experience life. First, think about the things that you are passionate about. For example, if you are passionate about creating music, then sharing that music with others could be a part of your purpose. We each have multi purposes that we will discover within different seasons of our life. How we think about life and purpose will determine if we attain the fulness of our desires. Next, you will find several words of wisdom from Napoleon Hill regarding each of us having a definiteness of purpose.

“The power to take possession of your own mind and to direct it to whatever ends you desire.”NH

The way you choose to think will result in blessings or penalties as defined below.


Sound Health

Peace of Mind

Labor of Love of Your Own Choice

Freedom from Fear and Worry

Positive Mental Attitude

Attainment of Material Riches of Your Own Choice and Quantity


Ill Health

Fear & Worry

Indecision & Doubt

Frustration & Discouragement throughout Life

Poverty & Want
A whole flock of evils, consisting of Anger, Envy, Jealousy, Hatred, Greed, Superstition

Napoleon’s Humble Prayer

“Oh, Divine Providence, I ask not for more riches, but for more wisdom with which to make wiser use of the riches you gave me at birth consisting in the power to control and direct my own mind to whatever ends I desire.”

Write down your thoughts for the following:

A Definite of Purpose Statement of what would define Success for You.
A Statement of what You will Give in Return

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Goal Setting and Its Importance

When you set goals, you determine what is important to you.  Goal setting also allows you to make future plans, overcome new challenges, and recognize achievements. It builds self confidence and motivates you to take responsibility of your future and destiny.

There are five types of goals:

  1. Realistic
  2. Specific
  3. Challenging
  4. Short Term
  5. Long Term

Realistic goals are based on your current capabilities

Specific goals are detailed action steps necessary to get you what you want

Challenging goals require self-discipline and focus.  They will be goals that cause you to stretch beyond your current skill level, knowledge, and resources.  These type goals are achievable regardless of the level of complexity.

Short Term goals are ones you expect to accomplish within a day, a week, a month, or a year.

Long Term goals are those you expect to accomplish with one to five years.

There are several categories for goal setting:

  1. Business or Career
  2. Educational
  3. Financial
  4. Health and Wellness
  5. Lifestyle (Artistic goals and the pleasures of life that you wish to obtain or experience)
  6. Personal Development (emotional, mental, spiritual growth)
  7. Public Service or Philanthropy

Business or Career goals are those that relate to an interest that you desire to grow in or to contribute for financial gain.
Educational goals allows you to choose how far you desire to go in your level of education.  Career goals will often determine the level of degrees or required education.
Financial goals allows you to determine how much money you would like to earn after completing your education.
Health and Wellness goals relates to your physical body.  They allow you to achieve your athletic and physical health goals.
Lifestyle goals includes artistic goals and the pleasures of life that you wish to obtain or experience. What are your hobbies? What new art would you like to learn, such as dance, instrument, music, or painting?

Personal Development goals
are your emotional, mental, spiritual growth goals.   What type books are you reading?  Are your feeling emotionally healthy?  Are you able to focus your thoughts from a positive perspective?
Public Service or Philanthropy goals allow you to achieve your goals in making the world a better place.  Who do you desire to help?  How do you desire to help?

As you reflect on the various goal categories, the need for prioritization will become apparent.  Prioritizing reveals what is important to you.  It is a powerful personal planning process.  Prioritizing helps you choose the which areas in your life you prefer to focus on first.

Since we live in a world of distractions, so be prepared to work around them. Keep your written or visual goals before you to keep you on track.  Discover how to turn your written goals into actual visual goals with Tote-a-Vision.   Images make an impression within our minds.  Those images helps us to focus our thoughts and attention towards  our goals. Visit to learn more.

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Where is your Vision Board?

We may have not noticed but even as a child, we were already creating a vision board in our mind. The toys we want to have, the clothes we want to wear, places we want to be; small dreams but a clear visualization. As we grow older, our minds expand and our dreams are no longer just dreams but slowly becoming life goals. We then come to realize that an important element to turn dreams into reality is goal setting.


Using imagination like the one we used to do when we were kids is a simple technique called creative visualization, where we create images of our goals and dreams we want in life. A compelling way of applying visualization is through the creation of a vision board. Making a board with images of your goals and dreams pasted on it helps you remember what you are aiming for. Keeping it in a place where you can see it often adds focus and motivation.

Your vision board helps you solidify the desires you have in life and expands your capacity to believe to turn it all into reality. You will then go into exploring possibilities and considering opportunities as part of your goal setting process. The vision board through creative visualization draws out a stimulating reaction that makes us find a way into getting the task started and turning it into a tangible state. One by one as you go through narrowing the distance between possibility and reality of your vision board, it gives a strong sense of self-confidence and self-worth keeping you more motivated and committed.


A vision board magnifies the ability to hold your creative visualization of your goals and dreams. It’s an effective tool to mark out your accomplishments and constantly remind us of what we want and where we want to be. Sometimes in life, we may have distractions that set us off our way, but our vision board can clearly help us find our way and get us back on the track. It’s time to get our creative visualization working, and find out where our vision board will take us.


One of the keys to experiencing desired result is in having the right mindset and perspective regarding the goals and dreams.  You must believe those things to be possible and true regardless of your current circumstances.  Your vision board will help you expand your capacity to believe.  Believe in the possibilities.


To get you started on your vision board process, you might start with the Tote-a-Vision.  It’s a portable vision board dream board.  Goals are easier to achieve when you continually focus on them, and having a physical picture of those goals with you at all times is a strong reinforcement.


The Tote-a-Vision includes a journal inside of the specially designed transparent sleeve which houses one’s vision board.  Within the journal, you can keep track of your progress, as well as add ideas, quotes, affirmations, and much more.

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Procrastination – The Battle Between Oneself

Within a recent Tote-a-Vision Party Guest Survey, 90% of the people identified procrastination to be their number one challenge to getting things done in their lives. They all had dreams and goals that they would love to come to furision, but necessary task are often put off until tomorrow. We can all benefit by better understanding procrastination, and its effects, as well as gleam from helpful tips to conquer it for good. Over the next several days, we will explore this topic in detail.

I have a friend that works as a writer for online articles and she once told me that one of her biggest challenges in writing is procrastination. She’s the type of person that will set time to almost all the things she does and more often, for an article, she said she gives herself an hour to get it completed. Pretty much she has an idea of what the topic is but whenever she is in front of her PC and getting ready to write, she said she would just stare at her monitor for minutes doing nothing. Then when things get boring, she tabs to her Facebook account or view videos on YouTube. Magically, time will run so fast that all of her other tasks where pushed back of schedule.

That is simply one example of procrastination. In fact, procrastination comes in different ways depending on the situation. We have seen students cramming up to get their papers done near its deadline and we have witnessed artists, entrepreneurs, professionals who uses different ways of procrastinating. For instance, when you are expected to write a report and your brain doesn’t seem to be extracting all that juices you need, you’ll eventually find yourself in the kitchen washing all the dirty dishes thoroughly. Or you might be giving yourself a coffee break when you know for a fact that you don’t deserve one since you haven’t started anything yet.

Teens and adults alike have issues with procrastination. We all have stories to tell of how we have allowed procrastination hindered our goals. And it’s funny that we have “creative” ways of doing it. There are many of us who wishes success but procrastination seems to always find itself along our way. Procrastination can’t be entirely categorized as a bad habit or a ‘habit’ since there are instances whereas it occurs almost randomly. Because there are times that you feel enthusiastic about getting a task done ASAP. However, there are several studies shows that there are many chronic procrastinators regardless of gender, age, and race.

But the concern is that, procrastination is never good. As what they always say, ‘seize the day and moment’ to do something productive while you still can. Although, it seems like all of us are bound to deal with it, the amount of procrastination can be minimized given that you know a little about how the whole thing works.

When you begin to procrastinate, two important parts of your brain are fighting against each other. Your frontal cortex which is located a little above your forehead is the one that says “I must get it done today or my employer will fire me…” The other part is the limbic system Amygdala, the emotional/primitive part of the brain that tells you, “Ah, I still have two more days before deadline. I will probably sit and watch a couple of movies first…” type of thinking.

But even if the frontal cortex brain knows the benefits of getting tasks done early, it does get tired easily compared to the limbic system which is more dominating and shows you things that provide immediate satisfaction. So, in other words, you are battling between immediate satisfaction and the long term goal of being productive.

Procrastination exists in almost every goal whether in small or large scale. And whether you like it or not, the limbic mind appears to be more powerful than the other. So what can we do about it? Well, there is something that you can do to overcome the limbic mind (the hear, see, and smell). The limbic mind becomes extra powerful whenever the temptation is becoming more and more tangible like having your Facebook account pulled up alongside your paperwork, having a plate full of cookies and the television up while you are balancing your taxes, so on and so forth. But if you help yourself remove these distractions, you can help yourself focus on things that you should be doing. For example, when writing a report, the temptation of checking your email when you hear that little ‘ting’ sound will definitely lure you to check your email and if it has links that leads to other websites, that you will just have to check it as well. So, the solution is to close it and just focus on whatever you should be doing at that moment.

Since situations are vast and procrastination comes in different scenarios, it’s up to you to recognize and distinguish your distractions. Then, help yourself get rid of them.

Inspired to Inspire You to a More Productive and Fulfilled Life,

Rachel Moore

Inspirational Life-Vision Coach

Inventor of Tote-a-Vision

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Understanding Your Realm of Influence

We are approaching the end of January and the question is how is life going for you?  Did you know that many things within your life is within your realm of influence?  Your attitude, your belief in your God given abilities, and your actions, all together can influence those around you and can ultimately affect your outcomes in any given situation.  The year is still young, you can influence in your life.

You can decide today in your mind that you will no longer allow the winds of worry, the thunders of fear, the raging seas of anger, the darkness of depression, nor the poison of procrastination to control your life.  You can choose this year to be your year of change.  It starts by taking ownership and responsibility for the results of things within your realm of influence.  It starts by moving from a victim mentality to victor.  Look into the mirror and say the following words. Speak your name out loud, then say, “Today is a new day!  You will take charge of your year and no longer just accept what comes your way and be a victim.  You will take the appropriate actions to get your desired results.”

For example, if you are not satisfied with your job or your salary, then you can do something about it.  Your job is within your realm of influence.  Many people will just go to work day in and day out, not begin really happy with their job.  Really, the job doesn’t haven’t to change, but it’s imperative that the person with the job, change.  You can influence your perspective, your attitude, and your actions.  You can take the initiative to   meet with your supervisor to discuss his or her expectations so that you can get a better understanding of what they want from you and find out what it will take to move you to the next level in position or pay.  Once you have a clear picture of what’s expected of you, then you can give 100 percent plus.  Look for ways to make your current situation better, then just do it.  Encourage yourself by saying, “I can do this.”  Before you know it, your attitude and perspective about your job will change for the better and most of all, others will begin to notice the difference in you.  You will be surprised at the outcome. Believe it or not, you will either receive a pay raise, get promoted, or the next best thing will come your way because you are ready.

The same principle of taking charge of those things that’s within your realm of influence can be applied to any area of your life, your health, your relationships, your business, and your family. Year 2012 can be your best year yet.  Of course, there are things outside of your realm of influence, but the majority of the things happening in your life is within your power to bring change or to influence change.  You can do it!

My first two post this year gave you a bird’s eye view of elements for success.  The first article gave you 12 ways to excel in 2012 and the second article provided you with a winner’s formula.  Now it’s time to get into the meat of each element.  Over the next several weeks we will explore various aspects of each.   Your assignment this week is to really get clear on what you would like various aspects of life to be like, your health and fitness, your family and lifestyle, your pay or financial status, your giving, and your personal or spiritual growth.  Take time to write down what you desire for each area of your life.  If there is an area where you are not completely satisfied, think and pray through to discover ways you can influence change.  Next week we will discuss the importance of having vision and explore the art of visualization.

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Inspired to Inspire You – to an Incredible Year


Rachel L. Moore

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