About Mind Your Vision

Mind Your Vision is about Transforming the Life of Your Dreams into Reality. It has a trifold meaning. First, input the right information within your mind. Your input determines your outcome. Next, clearly visualize what you desire in your mind. Lastly, devote quality time to mind your own vision; work at your vision intensely so it becomes reality. “A Vision is a Terrible Thing to Waste.

We provide Goal Setting Tools, Success Tips, Techniques & Training to Create the Life You Envision.

Mind Your Vision to the Life You Want. Discover proven methods for turning your dreams for a better life into REALITY in record time, even if you’ve been stuck in a rut for months or years! Overcome your feelings of frustration and being stuck, to activity that produce desired results on a consistent basis.

Our Mind Your Vision mission is to help release people into freedom within multiple areas of life; to Inform, Inspire, Influence, and Ignite others to appropriate action towards creating an incredibly fulfilled life of passion, purpose, abundance, and success.

Mind Your Vision – founded 2009,  is a subsidiary business within Moore of Rachel, Inc – founded 1998; www.mooreofrachel.com

The DMLK Award – Promoting Positive Character
PICFF Award – Official Innovative Selection for Tote-a-Vision Video Ad

We offer self-help products and services such as the Tote-a-Vision, a 2-in-1 portable vision board with dream board and dream book journal. The Tote-a-Vision is a goal setting, dream, success building tool. We offer Self Help Books & eBooks, Online Training Programs for success and financial freedom.

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