Dream Your Life and Live Your Dream

What is your dream?  What has been holding you back?  Now is the time to not only dream it, have a vision,  and set your goals, but to create habits that will turn those dreams, visions, and goals into reality! Here are a few tips to start getting the desired results that you want in all areas of your life ( health, wealth, relationships, etc.)

1.  Mindset Matters – your mind must be conditioned to received those things that you desire

2. Minds-eye – you must be able to clearly see within your mind yourself being, doing, or having those things that you desire

3. Motivation – you must have a physical reminder to keep you focused and on the move towards attaining your desires

The Ultimate Vision Board Kit provides the elements to you getting what you want in life.  Start getting results on a consistent, continuous basis

What’s included in the Ultimate Vision Board Kit? 

  • Tote-a-Vision – a portable protective sleeve, jacket, carrier for your vision board
  • White poster board cut to size 16X10.5 (LXW) – use to create your vision board with images of your vision, dreams, and goals
  • Journal for writing down your vision, dreams, and goals
  • Mindset strategies to condition your mind for success  and techniques on how to get continuous desired results in your life – eBook

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 Already have a vision board and want to protect it, make it wall art,  make it a desk mat or carry it with you?  Get a Tote-a-Vision Board Jacket (constructed of clear vinyl).  Just insert your vision board into the jacket and it’s ready to go!

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 Tote-a-Vision vision board protector sleeve/carrier without the journal.  The vision board jacket is a great for any vision board cut to size 16X10.5 (LXW).  Print your images or virtual vision boards and insert into the portable vision board protective carrier.  Display your board in the jacket on a wall, a desk, the refrigerator (with magnets) or even tote it with you.  Lay it flat or wrap the sleeve around a book or journal.  Included – a white poster board cut to size (16X10.5).*******************************************************************************************

“A Vision is a Terrible Thing to Waste”™


Plan – Focus – Action

Achieve more by establishing your standards for Success! What does a year of success look like for you?  What goals and dreams do you desire to achieve or accomplish this year?  A good way to keep your desired results before you at all times all through the year is to create a Vision Board/Dream Board.  The Tote-a-Vision Kit is a great resource for creating a portable vision board / dream board. Tote-a-Vision, the 2-in-1 portable dream doard and journal. Tote-a-Vision kits now include a  50-minute training Audio CD  Click here for product details

Say Goodbye to Stress


Book Release “Chicken Soup for the Soul – Say Goodbye to Stress”

Author and Inspirational Life-Vision Coach Rachel L. Moore has helped hundreds of people transform their desires and goals into reality. Now, as a contributing author to this book, “Chicken Soup for the Soul – Say Goodbye to Stress”, she aims to equip us with the right tools to combat one of life’s greatest adversaries: STRESS.   To know more about “Chicken Soup for the Soul – Say Goodbye to Stress” visit www.chickensoup.com PRESS RELEASE   Continue your journey to successful and stress-free living with the Tote-a-Vision Bundle.Stop stressing over not getting things done or not getting what you want.  Get refocused and get moving towards attaining your dreams.

Tote-a-Vision Stress Buster Bundle

(Tote-a-Vision to Health & Living Your Best Life)


Bundle Includes:

Tote-a-Vision 2-in-1 Dream Board and Dream Book (cut out, write out, map out, and visualize your success) Stop stressing and reach your goals faster! Tote-a-Vision Freedom Workbook (discover the keys to achieving freedom in every area of your life) Plus over $100 in BONUS GIFTS:Tote-a-Vision Users Success Manual Tote-a-Vision to Health Videos Mind Your Vision Mini-Course

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Dream Building & Effective Goal Setting Made Easy

(Tote-a-Vision Party - Book Yours Now - Click Here for Details) Turn Dream Building & Goal Setting into a Party…a Tote-a-Vision Party. Host your own Tote-a-Vision party with your friends. Take lots of pictures and share with us.


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Click Here to be apart of our Facebook Fan Family.  Share with us your dreams and goals on our fan page.  Someone within our Fan Family may have connections to open doors for you to reach your goals.  At Mind Your Vision  you will find resources, tools, and products to assist you in attending to the vision(s), dreams and goals for your life. Whether it be a vision for improving your health, harmonizing relationships, achieving financial freedom, making a difference in ministry matters & missions, or all of the above, the Mind Your Vision Success System can help.  It all starts with our thoughts.  We need to have a clear vision within our thoughts about what we desire. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but writing down our goals is an essential part to success.  We need tools to help us organize and to help us stay focused on the things that matter most in our lives.  If we don’t attend to our dreams and goals, then the likelihood of them ever happening is slim to none.  We must translate our desires into both written and visual goals.  Here’s how the Tote-a-Vision can help. Tote-a-Vision the ultimate goal organizer can help you get everything relating to your goals all in one place.  It includes a portable dream board  and dream book journal.  It not only assist you in clarifying your mental vision, but it organizes everything pertaining to achieving your dreams and goals all in one place.  It truly can help you turn dreams into reality.  It’s a portable dream-building goal setting tool, that’s fun and easy to use. Define and write your goals inside the dream book journal. Visualize your goals with images and power words with your Tote-a-Vision dream board within the Tote-a-Vision clear protective cover. Click Here to learn more about “Tote-a-Vision” and Vision Board – Dream Board Basics and to get started on creating your Tote-a-Vision dream board. Now is the perfect time to establish your goals for the new year.  Get real clear on what you desire.  Write down your goals.  Then create a visual representation of your goals.   The short video above shows examples of what you too can create.

New —- Tote-a-Vision Special —–

Tote-a-Vision Financial Freedom workbook that is filled with proven methods to applying the principle of faith which activates the law attraction.

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Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  A quote by Napoleon Hill.    Here at Mind Your Vision you will find resources to help you on your life journey to success. You Have a Mind – You Can Succeed!


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Visualize Your Dreams – Realize Your Dreams!

One of the keys to making your dreams come true is to turn those dreams into actual goals.  The Tote-a-Vision, which is a portable vision board, is a goal setting tool that can be used by anyone. Learn more about Tote-a-Vision under the products tab. Our latest Tote-a-Vision Kit is now available for Entrepreneurs.  Several other kits are on the way.


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Give Life to Your Dreams – Start by Creating a Vision Board. Not sure what a vision board or dream board is CLICK Here for Examples and for Testimonials.